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Our most popular soap featuring the cameo of Maria Luigia, one of the most prominent characters in the history of Parma. Daughter of the Austrian Empress, the wife of Napoleon and surely the most loved Duchess of Parma. Violets were also her choice

Cameo Maria Luigia soap (purple)

SKU: 120144
  • The soap cameo of the Duchess of Parma Maria Luigia of Austria, is taken from a commemorative medal created on the occasion of her arrival in Parma in 1816. (100 gr). With this code the color is purple-

    Our soaps are of the "extra fine" type and 100% of vegetable origin. They are produced with the prestigious "triple milling" method. The soap paste is pressed three times. This operation makes the soaps smooth and homogeneous, durable and capable of producing a rich fine foam.

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