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for a special gift

Do you want to offer a gift from Parma that is not raw ham or cheese?

Violetta di Parma is a symbol of the perfumery tradition of our city and embodies that elegance that has always distinguished our territory.

The Parmafragrance gift line combines our products in elegant and refined packaging characterized by manual processing that makes each package unique.

Cofanetti Violetta Parma
Cofanetto regalo Violetta Parmafragrance
Cofanetto regalo Mini Violetta Parmafragrance
Cofanetti Profumi e Saponi Violetta



The true history of Parma Violets is still a real mystery but today the most fragrant species are known as "Parma Violets" which was  likely given thanks to the species introduced into Italy in the seventeenth century from Spain by the Duke of Parma.

From the first fragrance called Violetta di Parma created by Ludovico Borsari, (Parma 1846 -1928) severalvibrant  perfume industries developed in the city of  Parma. Thanks to the industrial production of the Borsari brand, perfume  economically entered within the reach of many women and with the help of the first marketing campaigns, the fragrance of Violetta di Parma became famous all over the world.

The Borsari brand still exists and today is owned by a multinational based in Milan. La Violetta di Parmafragrance wants to keep alive the tradition and the link with our city, free from marketing strategies.

La Linea Violetta Parmafragrance. Qualità Italiana




Italian quality and design.

A close link with Parma's traditions. 

Finished with the manual skill of our craftsmen.

Excellent product-price ratio.

Cosmetic products free from petroleum based raw materials

Who we are?


Our tradition as a perfumer in the city of Parma began over 100 years ago in 1911. The knowledge of the evolution of the perfume industry are the secrets that inspired us to recreate a line of products capable of also reflecting grandeur and natural elegance of our city.


It may seem like a simple task to recreate the single flower fragrance (soliflore) but the task is much more difficult than it may seem, especially when we are creating a perfume that has a tradition and a history to respect and that must reflect the character of the city of the which is the flower symbol.


All our products are distinguished by a personal touch mixed with the class and elegance that define the city of Parma. They are MADE in ITALY and are manufactured in compliance with current European regulations.

"There is nothing better than a friend,
unless it is a friend with violets. "

Oscar Wilde

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